Haley is a self-taught artist, mental health advocate, and writer who turned her “mess” into a message with creative venture Peel & Heal Studio. Specializing in wellness-focused stationery (including hand-drawn stickers, mood trackers, affirmations, and journaling tools), she empowers customers to revamp paper planners from daunting task lists into vibrant spaces of personal growth.

Haley has transparently shared her mental & chronic illness journeys for 10 years, reaching many followers with her honest, hard-hitting content drawn from lived experience. Her unveiled glimpses of “real” self-love spark critical wellness dialogues on an approachable peer level, while Peel & Heal’s analog planning tools help expand community access to basic mental health education. Haley showcases lettering, sticker designs, journal prompts, planning tips, and self-care reminders online as well as in workshops, printables, and nonprofit events. Whether discussing realistic health goals, inserting too many puns, or sharing depression-fueled laundry piles in an otherwise pristine IG feed, Haley’s functional art and fearless truths are an innovative peek into a world that values smiles over paychecks. Your mess is welcome here – ready to plan on healing?