Jocelyn is a highly accomplished psychotherapist with a marriage and family therapy license, an EMDR consultant, and a board-certified art therapist. She began her career in California, specializing in self-harming behaviors among teens, using stained glass to create a new narrative. Moving to Indiana, she expanded her expertise, teaching at the college level, running a successful private practice, and working with Alzheimer’s patients and caregivers.
Jocelyn found her passion for helping refugees in Vancouver, Washington through EMDR therapy. Her dedication to empowering youth led her to conduct healing-centered art and EMDR for traumatized Eritrean youths in a refugee camp in Ethiopia. Jocelyn’s contributions were recognized through her co-authorship of an article on the results of the EMDR Integrative Group Treatment Protocol for Adolescent Eritrean Refugees.
During the pandemic, Jocelyn’s creativity shone through as she co-authored and illustrated a bestselling mindful storybook for children titled “”Colorful Place: Mindful Art and Story for Kids.””
In the world of academia, she co-edited and authored a chapter in the groundbreaking textbook “”EMDR and Creative Arts Therapies,”” released in October 2023.
Outside her professional endeavors, Jocelyn enjoys hiking, expressing herself through art, practicing yoga, and having fun dance parties with her family. Additionally, she shares her passion for mental health through her Etsy shop, Colorful Therapy Tools.