I’m Kimberly—a designer, illustrator, budding teacher, and a chaotic creative. For the past 18 years, I’ve harnessed this energy to design a career that allows me to do all the things I enjoy—illustration, lettering, and pattern design among many more things.

I’m from a little town in Costa Rica called Escazú and I made my way to NYC to be an animator. While working for studios like Nick Jr., PBS Kids, Cartoon Network, & Disney on Broadway, I also taught myself all sorts of things like graphic, branding, web design, illustration, lettering, pattern design… I could go on because I just love to learn and create. My interests never wane and I’ve never found a reason to not indulge a new one.

I firmly believe we’re all creative creatures at heart & we should celebrate all of that creativity and see where it can lead us!

When I’m not busy drawing or designing, you’ll likely find me hanging out with my college sweetheart, Patrick, or putting some Harry Potter Legos together with my boys, likely with ice cream in hand!