Hello, I’m Michelle Berry, the visionary behind Fiddles & Fern, a thriving product-based shop that showcases my original digital designs. Approximately four years ago, I started this creative journey, initially utilizing print-on-demand as a practical solution to overcome the technical constraints of producing everything at home.

Over time, Fiddles & Fern has evolved into a successful Etsy shop, seamlessly blending my POD creations with carefully crafted homemade products. This unique fusion has not only defined my brand but also contributed to its success.

Beyond the realm of my own creations, I find immense joy in sharing my knowledge. As a digital artist, I am passionate about guiding others in establishing their product-based shops through the power of print-on-demand. My goal is to empower fellow creators, enabling them to enjoy the same liberating experience of working and designing from any corner of the world. Join me on this exciting journey of creativity and entrepreneurship!