Creative Lab

where inspired creation happens

Inspired by a love and need to create daily and by the wonderful attendees of the Creative Spark Summit, the Creative Lab was born as a place to come together to create. Creativity is at the heart of everything I do and I wanted to create the community that I would have wanted to belong to when I was starting out. A place where we could discuss all sorts of creative endeavors and explore how we could take them further. As part of the Creative Lab, the Creative Stash is a curated collection of artwork from me, Kimberly Costa, that is available for commercial & PLR use. Together, Lab & Stash form an inspired community for creation with resources to help you along. From a growing workshop library and creative sessions, to downloadable files to design your own patterns, stickers, planners, fabrics, and anything else you can dream of!


During the Creative Spark Summit, we will be giving away 3 Lab + Stash memberships valued at $228 each.

How to enter:

Follow Kimberly Costa on Instagram and TikTok @kimberlycostaillustrates

In addition, Lab + Stash will be on sale for 20% off for the annual membership until March 31st as the price will be going up on April 1st. If you want to stay creative in a warm community and have access to files you can work with to design confidently, join us!

The idea for the Creative Lab came directly from Creative Spark Summit attendees!

Engaging in creative activities can have a powerful impact on your mental state, not to mention, being incredibly fun! Make time to foster that creativity and use it as a way to take care of yourself too and do it all with friends!